TSG 1861 Kaiserslautern Women's Soccer




The TSG Womens soccer Team consists of American and German players. The Seasons start in September and end in May. During the month of May and September practice still occurs. Players for every position can join at any time of the season.

TSG 1861 Kaiserslautern is one of the biggest sport clubs in Kaiserslautern in regard to its members and the variety of sports that is offered. If you want to join you need to subscribe as a member. Fees are for students 6 € and for adults 12 € per month.


Our physical address is:

Hermann-Löns-Straße 25

67663 Kaiserslautern


If interested please contact us for more Information:

Find us one Facebook: TSG Kaiserslautern Women´s Soccer

Women's Soccer


You can find us on Facebook:

TSG Kaiserslautern Womens Soccer

TSG Kaiserslautern Frauenfussball